About RCVS Knowledge:

RCVS Knowledge is the independent charity associated with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS). Our ambition is to become a global intermediary for evidence based veterinary knowledge. We achieve this by providing access to information that is of immediate value to practising veterinary professionals and that directly contributes to evidence based clinical decision-making.

We champion evidence based veterinary knowledge by providing a three-fold service to the profession: access to the Historical Collection, Library and Information Services and through our wider Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine Project; including events, the EBVM Learning tutorial, and through our dedicated open access veterinary journal – Veterinary Evidence – designed to reinvent the distribution of veterinary information with easily accessible, current, evidence-based resources.

These three themes are underpinned and facilitated by a grants and awards programme that both celebrates achievements, and builds new knowledge that will contribute to EBVM and other projects.

  • Engagement

    As part of our commitment to advance Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine (EBVM), we at RCVS Knowledge offer a range of community led outlets designed to help practitioners communicate ideas and EBVM-based concepts. We offer several ways to get involved, including the monthly EBVM Network newsletter, the online Forum, dedicated Knowledge Groups and social media streams. Be sure to use the tag #VET2016 to join the conversation on twitter.

  • Events

    RCVS Knowledge runs a series of events throughout the year, in order to broaden the reach of EBVM in both the veterinary and general community. We achieve this by providing must-have information to keep up-to-date with the theory and practice of evidence-based veterinary medicine, this information is presented in event format- such as the 2015 EBVM Skills Day, or International EBVM Network Conferences.

  • The Library and Information Service

    Our library services bring together a wealth of print and electronic resources focused on animal health and veterinary science. The library also offers a range of services to support study and help practitioners keep up to date with the latest clinical research. The information service can provide help with literature searches, workshops and subject alerts. The library also has a comprehensive list of EBVM learning sources, and hosts the EBVM Toolkit – designed to get you started.

  • The Historical Collection

    The historical collection and archives offer a tangible connection to the history of the profession, both in its triumphs and achievements. As part of the initiative to preserve this historical life line, we have secured funding from the Alborada Trust and other donors to embark on a five year project to catalogue and digitise the priority parts of the collection. From this, we will be able to share the knowledge gained from the collection online – not just to the veterinary community, but to the wider public as well.